Year End Reflection- Yay!!!

Well.. I’d say Grade 5 was an OK experience. I would rate it 9/10. With ups and downs, and my “big move”. Today I will tell and explain the tough and exhilarating journey through… Grade 5. From the “Big Move” to our class’ potluck, read on to find out more about this amazing? fun? journey.

Lets start off with me in Mr. Gagnon’s class rm 204. I was itching all summer to be in this class with my friends Justin and Shina (old friends from Grade 4). I enjoyed Word Work, spelling (I know some people hated it but it was fun) and my favourite, Weekend Journals. After 2 weeks in his class, Mr. Giorgi our principal came in to our class. Immediately a face of fear appeared on my face. I thought I was in trouble. He called me and some other people over to the former Grade 5 ESL classroom. Then I met Mr. Lee for the first time. As we (the others students transferred) came back to our old classes to get our stuff and belongings, I walked in the classroom with my head down and ran out quickly with all of my stuff. I kept my head down to hide my tears (I’m really emotional). It was a sudden move and at first I thought Mr.Lee was creepy and even my little brother did. My original thoughts were focused on anger and I’d rather be in Mr. Gagnon’s class. Eventually, I let go of it. When I first started homework with Mr.Lee, it was really hard at first with everything on the blog and my fingers got tired. Trust me our teacher gave us tons of homework. That was a mega-struggle. Though our teacher made a club called the Video Game and Anime club where we made trailers for certain video games. Check it out at McKee Electronic Playground Club.

Next is our over night trip to EOEC (Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre). It was  3 day 2 night trip. During this trip I learned how to make tea of cedar, berries and hot water. I learned n interesting fact as well, owls have to move when they look around. They only look straight. The game that was like the Hunger Games with a animal twist. Another highlight was the food. Mmmmm. If I were a news reporter I would be like- “A unique experience, great food”. A special thanks to the EOEC Staff for making this an unforgettable experience and especially the EOEC Cooks, that food was amazing.

Everyday in May and June, our class would ask one question “when is our potluck?”. Until on June 12th, our class had a potluck. Since I was part of my class’ Class Cabinet (Student Council) I got to volunteer. I’m Vietnamese and I brought spring rolls with fish sauce. Along with a few other dishes, mine was a big hit. By the time I got home there were no more spring rolls. Many of the teachers came for the spring rolls and I got very positive reviews. Unfortunately we only raised 85 dollars CAD (that’s less than $138 or $200 which was raised by other classes). What I enjoyed was the reaction from many teachers who have never tasted Vietnamese food (there are only 9 Vietnamese in my school. That’s 9 out of 730!)

So I’d still say Grade 5 was an OK experience and I’ve enjoyed it (even if it’s a bit horrible). Special thanks to Mr.Lee, Mrs.Bose, Ms. Ghosal, Ms.London, Ms.Chu and my kindergarten teachers for helping me through elementary school. Soon I’ll be doing the valedictory speeches and then moving off to Grade 6 :(. Bye!

Song Reference- OK 오케이 Strawberry Milk (Choa and Way of Crayon Pop) 크레용팝 유닛-딸기우유

Reading Response- Twilight

Write 5-7 H.O.T questions relating to the story

  1.  Why did Carlisle add these people(Alice, Esme, Edward, Emmett and Rosalie) to the family rather than others?
  2. There are many other humans with”sweet” blood out there. Why wouldn’t he feed on someone else rather than Bella?
  3. How does the cover have to do with the book?
  4. Was there an origin on where the names of the characters originated from.
  5. Why did the author choose Forks rather then other cities/towns?


Reading Response- Twilight

If the main character had a a dream or a wish what would it be and why?

Bella, the main character, probably wants to become a vegetarian vampire with Edward. I think this because they passionately love each other. As the story goes on, James a tracker vampire wants to hunt Bella for her blood. (Bella’s blood is very sweet compared to other humans). James bites Bella in the hand and she suffers while she is being changed to a vampire. As Edward sucks the venom from Bella, Bella is sent to the hospital. She then says to Edward that she would have wanted to become a vampire. I believe she wants to become a vampire to be with Edward. Also she might have wanted to become one for her own sake. As Victoria and Laurant (James’ partners) might hunt them again.


Reading Response- Twilight

What would happen if the main character was a teacher? What subject would he or she teach and why?

If Bella Swan was a teacher she would probably teach science. I think this because it seems as if she is in to this subject. In class she is always listening to the teacher during these class times. Usually, she never listen in class. She always “tune” out. Her place in advanced placement makes her a good student in science. (Advanced placement is like gifted). Most students who do well in a certain subject, usually like that subject. She also is able to identify different objects in science pretty fast.


Reading Response- Mockingjay

What would happen if the main character was invisible?

Actually lots of things would happen if Katniss if was invisible. Then Katniss would have never started the rebellion. Since she is invisible, she would have never been then head of the rebellion’s “Mockingjay”. Katniss was the one that came up with the idea of eating nightlock (a poisonous berry) together with Peeta to commit suicide so that there would be no rebellion.

Reading Response- Mockingjay

1.Would you be the main character best friend? Explain why or why not.

No, I would not be the main character for the following reasons. She is always stressed out! I would not want to hangout with someone that stresses out this easily. It makes you feel depressed. Another thing is that she will always talk about her past and maybe it will also make others sad. I don’t really know what she likes or dislikes that much so, its hard to be friends. Also, many friends are able to connect with each other. Technically I have nothing in common with Katniss.

Reading Response- Mockingjay

5. Write 5-7 H.O.T questions about the story.

1. If Katniss was the President of Panem how would she change Panem?

2. If Coin hadn’t died, then would the Capitol children still do the Hunger Games?

3. Since North America sunk, wouldn’t Europe, Africa, Antarctica, South America, Asia and Australia still exist?

4. If Jabberjays and Trackerjackers mated would they be considered a Capitol mutt?

5. According to the book, District 12 is surrounded by the Wilds. Are there people living in the wilds other than District 13?

6. Is District 9 and 10 protected like District 11? Explain why.

Victoria Day Long Weekend Reflection

 Over the long weekend, I went to Niagara  Falls…. American Side. For me I thought it was the worst side of the Niagara Falls. The houses looked gloomy and depressing. Though it was ok. The main reason we were there was because my uncle, did not have a visa to come to Canada to visit us.  His wife came as well.  So I got to meet his wife’s, sister’s children and husband. I only stayed for a day and one night.

First, after we checked in to our hotel, we went to the Niagara Falls Fashion Outlets. Technically, it was the ONLY mall in that area. If you know me, I HATE CHOCOLATE! (Except white chocolate). There was a Lindt store there and I got to buy 75 of my favourite chocolates, white chocolate and strawberry white chocolate! 75 for $26.60 USD which is 32.43 CAD. The thing is that when you cross the US-Canada border, you can’t buy more then $200 USD which is 248.84 CAD and bring it across the border. Anyways, if you have eaten Lindt White chocolate, you know how there is this very creamy filling? That was mmmm. As I searched up for an asian buffet to eat at that day, I found out there was only two Chinese buffets in all of Niagara Falls, NY. What the heck! We went there and I ate the food and it tasted sooooo good. (Yeah the KFC Slogan) My parents told me “every restaurant we go to you say its good”. Everyone was OK with the food. So then I met my uncle’s, sister in law’s , children. One of them was named Tien (he was 11 but in 6th grade, a year older). The other one was Quin (she was a year younger than me). And Brian (the 3 yrs old baby that talked like “Judy eat BBQ in wash- oom” we don’t even know who Judy is!).

After this “odd” experience, we all went to the World Famous……… MAID OF THE MIST!!!!! If came together in a tour where we toured the beautiful American and Bridal Veil Falls. We actually went right next to it! And last but not least…. the infamous Horseshoe Falls (Canadian one). Then we got to see Whirlpool State Park. This was a natural whirlpool formed by the two currents of the rapids coming together creating a counter-clockwise rotation. After we went to the Observation Tower which had an elevator leading to the Maid of the Mist. They gave us ponchos to wear because we would get wet. As we rode on the boat we got so close to the falls and got sprayed by the Horseshoe Falls (I drank some of the water). We screamed WOO HOO! We were om the splash zone.

Next we went to Fuji Grill, a Japanese restaurant that was awesome. It was a sushi place and steakhouse. They would cook right in front of you this is called Hibatchi. It was a unique experience. They would flip their spatulas in the air and spray Sake in to the adults mouths. They would make fire and so on… The soba noodles was the best part.

This was my exciting adventure in Niagara Falls, NY!

Reading Response- Mockingjay

What would happen if you put a YouTuber in to the story.



I would put Superwoman in to the story. Superwoman is a Canadian-Punjab youtuber that makes videos about problems in life… If she were in the Hunger Games or in District 13, her dream would come true. As she mentioned in one of her videos she would love to be in the Hunger Games. If she was in District 13 she would probably be some sort of entertainer mainly because the is no form of entertainment in District  13. She could tell people jokes to lighten up their mood.

Superwoman 13




Why computer, video game and TV  time should be reduced.

Do you play video games, watch TV or play or watch things on the computer? If you do, have you realized how long you have been playing or watching these media forms? Today, I want to tell you that you should watch your time while you play on the computer/tablet.. or watch TV.

Lack of focus…. You are doing your homework.. You see in the corner or your eye your I Pad, you are thinking don’t take it, don’t take it! Then BAM you are on your I Pad and you play for hours. The next day.. You come in to class and your teacher asks where in the world is your homework? Then you say shoot I was so in to my video game that I forgot my homework! (Trust me these scenarios happen in life). When you play video games you drift off in to La La land. You forget about everything in life and you end up not doing your home work. A study has shown that many students tend to play video games while they are doing homework. You hear me while!

Obesity and no physical activity. Welcome to the 21st century, where childhood obesity is becoming a big problem. It is researched that obesity is usually started through excessive video game playing. OK,  you know how sometimes play a video game and the next thing you notice is that you are eating a bag of chips…. Even to admit it I do it sometimes. This can lead to obesity. Especially avid gamers, if they play everyday and eat these foods every single day then you can become “fat” or obese. Who plays outside? You probably all do. What games do we play outside? Tag and so on… Doing this is part of physical activity. Avid gamers will not go outside and play, but will just continue with their game. Now you may be thinking oh 15 minutes is fine, Ill just quickly play and go in. Scientists say that children should have at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Many games on the market are very violent. You know like GTA, Halo… These games include subject that is not suitable for children like us at a young age. If there is long exposure to these types of video games, your behavior would change. According to researchers, 60% of the boys/girls that played violent video games has beaten or hurt someone physically. Compared to the 30% of boys/girls who don’t play violent games. Also, most violent video games are very addictive and some people can’t stop playing it. Another research states that some children that play violent games can become shooters. An example is in 1999 Columbine High School shooting. Two boys that came to the school armed with weapons. There motivation was not only bullying but violent video games. They were avid players of Doom a shooting game.

Now, I am not forcing you to quit video games ,but to keep an eye over yourself. You are the one that controls you. Maybe play only on the weekends.  As I have stated, I strongly believe that children should reduce the time spent on playing video games.